LA Girl Nigeria is an extension of LA Girl USA. We are the official distributors of LA Girl Products in Nigeria. L.A. Girl is all about bringing artistry to life by providing premium quality color cosmetics to all makeup users alike - from the savvy beauty junkie to the inspired novice. As an affordable luxury cosmetics brand, L.A. Girl Cosmetics puts a glamorous spin on beauty by creating new ways to inspire expression through the art of color.



We are proudly the exclusive distributors of LA GIRL / LA COLORS brand in Nigeria and we carry all the brand's offer their entire array. We are always available to fulfill your order. You can reach us by calling any of our lines or dropping us a mail and we will reach you with your requests in good time. For 19 years now, we have served in the cosmetics retailing industry and we pride ourselves in the versatility of our offerings from face, eyes, lips, nails, and skin. We have been a household name known for delivering high-quality authentic US Cosmetics' brands. Our name is synonymous with the delivery of beauty.

We are mainly wholesalers but we help our retailers in the delivery of our culture of originality & customer service. No matter where you are in the country we can ship to you and if you choose to visit our doors are always open.